Make Meditation a Daily Habit with Headspace

I love meditation! It helps me to live a more mindful life. When meditating, I feel relaxed and focused. That is why I made meditation part of my daily life. Indeed, I notice a difference between days on which I meditate and other days.

When I discovered it a few years back, I struggled to make it a daily habit. I tried several methods and tools, but none worked for me. It was too much effort to download and find new meditations that were suitable for my level. A few times I also lost motivation over time.

Finally, I discovered Headspace. Headspace is an app that offers daily guided meditation. The founder Andy Puddicombe will be your teacher. Sit down, press a button and follow his instructions.

The app has structured courses from beginner to advanced to choose. You will learn the basics, common mistakes and misconceptions. No need to worry about taking on too challenging concepts. All learnings are spaced in manageable chunks, there is only one new aspect per session.

Today, I have been using the app for over half a year and meditated 2000+ minutes. The tracking feature is one of the reasons I love Headspace. I can see the progress I made over time and feel more encouraged to continue.

If you do not know anything about meditation, start with Talks at Google on Youtube. There are many free talks about meditation and mindfulness. Search the channel for ‘meditation’ or ‘mindfulness’. By watching the talks you can get an overview of the what and how to meditation.

Would you like to live a more mindful life? Why not give meditation a shot. Start with learning more on Youtube – Talks at Google is awesome! – and try out Headspace. Headspace is free for 10 days, afterwards $7.99 a month.